Hunter Lewis Lake

Hello world, this is me Hunter, I live in Canada and it gets cold here in the winter, some people really enjoy it, I sometimes really enjoy it too. Some of my favorite memories are from when I was a child, bundled up to my nose in winter gear ready for the worst, the white fluff falling so perfectly from above, the white haze of winter in front of my eyes and all around me as I can vividly remember jumping into nearly every snow drift on my way to school. 

I went to school in Toronto, I was born in the early nineties, and I moved to the east coast when I was 19. I went to NSCAD University and graduated in 2016. Since moving out to Halifax in 2010, I’ve traveled, I’ve worked many jobs, and I’ve done some things that make for a good story. Many of my friends have told me to write more, and I will one day but I’ve just been so busy lately I can’t find the time. Between my 3 jobs and starting a new business, I’m pouring all my creative talents into other places. To see my most recent works please navigate through the header menu above.

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